No. At Smart Home Deposit we don't believe in transfer fees. We don't charge anything for withdrawals and transfer outs.
All in you pay $90 account management and 0.99% investment management fee per calendar year. For example, a $10,000 investment has an annual cost of $189. Our fee is quoted annually, calculated daily, and applied monthly. The result for you is that your account will see a small charge each month. Further details are set out in your Statement of Advice (SOA) and can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) you will be provided.
No – generally speaking, investing is a medium to long-term proposition, but with Smart Home Deposit you can withdraw whenever you like and there’s no minimum investment period. Money will normally be back in your bank account within 10 working days.
Yes –we love friends referring friends! Refer a friend and get $30 deposited into your Smart Home Deposit account.
Smart Home Deposit makes investing easy. When you sign up with us, you choose an amount of money to invest. That money is then invested into one of our 6 portfolios based on your investor profile, which diversifies your investment across several low-cost funds, meaning that you will partly own some of todays most recognised and profitable companies. With your contributions each month, we continue to grow your investment through dollar cost averaging. You can view and track how your investment is going at any time and when you’re ready, you can withdraw your money.

Having the right people on your side when it comes to investing is key to achieving good returns on your money. At Smart Home Deposit, our team of professionals are here for you. Your money is held at AMP on their North investment platform.

Historical 1,3 and 5 year returns after investment management fees for each of Smart Home Deposits model investment portfolios is illustrated in the table below.

Period to March 27, 2019 High Growth Growth Balanced Mod-Conservative Conservative Defensive
1 Years 7.79% 6.88% 6.39% 5.82% 4.39% 2.31%
3 Years 10.75% 9.58% 8.21% 6.42% 4.66% 1.48%
5 Years 8.20% 7.34% 6.69% 5.83% 4.53% 2.34%
Important considerations:
  1. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
  2. Returns have been calculated from individual fund performance (as reported by the fund manager) and have been weighted to each holding amount in the portfolio.
  3. The returns are annualised and include both capital gains and distributions. Portfolio rebalancing has not been assumed.
  4. The figures above are a pre-tax estimate of returns.
  5. Returns have been calculated based on Smart Home Deposit’s current asset allocations for each of the investment portfolios; it is assumed these were constant throughout the investment timeframe.
Yes – you have 24/7 access to view and track your Smart Home Deposit investment portfolio on AMP North’s secure online investment platform.

There is always an element of risk when making any investment, not even government bonds or bank savings accounts are entirely risk free. There is generally a trade-off between risk and return and in order to seek higher returns, an investor should be willing to accept greater risk. Likewise, investors seeking lower risk should expect to receive lower returns.

Smart Home Deposit employs several safeguards:
  1. Firstly, the online assessment is designed to identify your investor profile, which determines the level of investment risk you are willing to take. If the results show you are completely risk adverse for example, we have a portfolio that is entirely invested in defensive assets, such as bonds and cash.
  2. Secondly, we diversify your investment across Australian and International markets by selecting global funds that hold a range of investments across all asset classes. You can expect to own hundreds of top performing companies across the globe, as well as property and bonds.
  3. Thirdly, our investment team uses independent research, we do not receive commissions, nor are we tied to any product or financial institution; meaning we have your best interest in mind.
Monthly payments can be reduced or increased and you can also withdraw money from your account at any time.
Yes – while our customers are typically looking to buy a home, they may also be people who are saving for another goal, or simply looking to start an investment portfolio.