About Us

We’re on a mission to build a new kind of savings experience for first home buyers. One that lives on your phone and built for the way you live today.

Our Journey

In 2017 Smart Home Deposit or SHD formed out of Endorphin Wealth Management, an award-winning traditional financial advice firm based in Melbourne, Victoria. Traditional financial advice is tailored to helping people who already have wealth. However, Endorphin clients wanted us to help their millennial children achieve their home deposit goals. Additionally, we had received several enquiries from people who wanted a plan to invest and save for their first home but because of their limited savings couldn’t afford the cost of traditional financial advice.

The Home Deposit Challenge!

The biggest hurdle today for many millennials is being able to buy their own home, and often that’s the case because of the enormous size of the deposit required that can be upwards of $150,000. Adding to the challenge is historically low interest rates on savings, easy access to high interest credit, lack of personal financial knowledge, and low wage growth. These factors conspire to make home ownership seem impossible.

SHD makes homeownership achievable by providing a low cost, set and forget saving’s strategy. Like saving for your Super, SHD invests your money in many things, such as shares, bonds, and property. Furthermore, with SHD you receive complimentary financial coaching and advice.

There are some things in life that can be done at the last minute. Growing a large enough home deposit is not one of them so it’s best to start early. Starting early can translate into big savings in the long term.

The SHD team is a highly engaged and enthusiastic bunch that draws from a range of different backgrounds and professional experiences. We have a dreamy vision of helping every Australian get a home of their own.


We want to reduce people’s financial anxiety and help them achieve success- whatever that means to them – by empowering them to optimize their finances.

By using research backed data, proven investment solutions and technology we can help people save smarter for their home.

That means we give them the tools to not only understand what’s happening with their money, but how that affects what’s going on around them and their life decisions.

Sound good? We think so!
Hop aboard! Together, we can make homeownership a reality for all Australians.

Our HQ is Level 4, 50 Queen Street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This is where you’ll find us working hard improving Smart Home Deposit for all our current and future home crusaders.