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With Smart Home Deposit, you’ll get an organized process to save more money for your house deposit, as well an educational partner for better managing your finances.



Invest. Grow. Live

Regular automatic deposits + smart investments based on your needs and capacity result in a shorter savings period for your home loan.

Protecting you from impulse spending

It takes 10 days to withdraw your money back, protecting you from temptations and impulse spending. Thanks Dad!

PS: we’re not judging. We’ve done it ourselves!

Start Saving for Your Children

Starting early with as little as $50 can change their life.

Don’t Just take our word for it

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Putting technology on your side

Our fully diversified and online investment portfolios help you save smarter and makes home ownership achievable! We’re focused on helping you save, invest, and organize your home deposit all from your phone.

Better than your investment account.

Besides the higher return, saving with SHD avoids the pitfalls of sudden splurges, ensuring more savings both on the short and long terms.

We’re in this together

You’ll get access to actionable advice from seasoned financial advisors, great educational material, and a supportive online community.

Minimizing investment risks

We invest your money over the entire share market, which is proven to minimize risks and maximize the return on investment.


It's FREE to sign up! We don’t charge an upfront, activation or establishment fee.

Fees slow you down and we’re determined to get you into a home of your own.

Only 0.99% of your balance and $90 per year

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